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18 June 2010
The forum has been updated with information on modifications needed to allow BmH FireFox Extension to install on FF v3
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10 April 2011
Firefox 4 is out. A small modification to the install.rdf is needed. See the forum thread for details.
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Welcome to the home page of the Bookmark Holder project.

Bookmark Holder is a system to store web browser bookmark information in a central repository. The system allows multiple methods of bookmark data input and allows access to bookmark information from multiple browsers and multiple locations.

The project was developed to "scratch an itch" where I was regularly using multiple web browsers on multiple machines and would have problems accessing bookmarks made in one browser on another browser. The Bookmark Holder uses a MySQL database backend to store the bookmark data in a central location. The bookmarks can be categorised as they are stored and when using the browser extensions provided small thumbnails of the web page can be stored.

The Bookmark Holder project has been coded using several languages and uses several new technologies. Amongst these technologies are the new WHATWG canvas tag (soon to be HTML 5) and also some AJAX functionality using the XMLHttpRequest function in Javascript.

Some of the languages used in this project are my first attempt using them while I have had some experience in others so if you can provide feedback on any issues found please feel free.

You may note that the Screenshots show version 0.3. This is due to several internal revisions before I thought the project was ready to be unleashed on the unexpecting crowds. Earlier versions did not have the thumbnail functionality and used text based files for the bookmark storage. So not much missed.